About Us


Bike! Walk! Northwest Georgia membership is composed of citizens, government agency representatives, and business representatives interested in transportation planning pertaining to bicycling and pedestrian activities.

Mission Statement

To devise a plan and programs to facilitate and promote the safe use of bicycles and walking as viable modes of transportation and recreation for all ages and skill levels; through the pursuit of infrastructure improvements, such that all cities and counties in the 15 county region are interconnected with bike and pedestrian trails and paths.

Organizational Objectives

  1. Promote connections between land uses via bike/ped facilities; e.g., connecting neighborhoods to schools, employment centers, cultural resources and shopping areas.
  2. Promote education for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists about their      proper relationship in traffic.
  3. Identify and seek support, both monetary and political, for bike/ped initiatives.
  4. Encourage maintenance of roadways to eliminate hazards to cycling/walking (debris, utility caps, drainage grates, R/R ties, etc.).
  5. Integrate bicycling/walking into the transit system through the transportation planning process.
  6. Promote the renovation of existing road and bridges and the design of new structure to facilitate safe cycling.
  7. Promote the establishment of bike facilities in conjunction with Greenways.
  8. Implement the three Goals, and supporting objectives, as outlined in the   Executive Summary:
  • Develop a Regional System.
  • Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Activities.
  • Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning.